5 ways to treat yourself that don’t cost any money

Doing a face mask, taking a bath, and going on a solo date are all things we can do to treat ourselves, but to a degree, they all cost money – you have to buy the face mask, be wealthy enough to have a bathtub (not my case) and able to afford a solo date out. I also know that, to a degree, absolutely everything costs money. But well, some things cost more than others, so let’s just roll with this. Here are five (almost, technically free) things you can do to show yourself some luv.

1. Take a walk.

Walks, as far as I know, are still free – and one of the best things you can do to relax and be a little more mindful. I don’t take as many walks as I’d like to where I live – I find it a little hard to enjoy a walk when you live in a city where people are constantly running around and there’s lots of noise -, but parks are great options when you don’t live near the beach or the countryside. So sometimes, when I feel like I need to calm down and relax, I head to the nearest park and walk.

2. Eat a healthy meal.

This one is tricky, because I, as a fast food lover, know that a really nice burger can be just the comfort food you need. However, I don’t know about you, but I never feel that great after I eat it – not because it might make me fat, but because my body overall isn’t happy with my choice. I don’t feel, well, healthy. So nowadays, if I need to treat myself, I do my best to cook a meal that tastes good and is healthy. It might not taste as good as a pizza, but I always feel better afterwards. Like my body is healthy and my sh*t is together.

3. Write down a list of things you love about yourself.

If you think this one is ridiculous, you really need to do it ASAP. I grew up thinking that loving myself, being proud of myself and knowing my worth was a waste of time – my parents taught me that you have to work as a crazy person in order to get somewhere, and that any time you spend enjoying yourself, having fun or relaxing is wasted time. So to be honest, writing down a list of things I love about myself still feels incredibly weird, and not feeling guilty about the time I spend relaxing is, for now, almost impossible. But I’m working on it, and I’m forcing myself to do these things – because even if I still flinch whenever I think about “self-care (otherwise known as ‘wasted’) time”, I know I need it in order to feel good and be happy in the long run. So, come on – write down the things you love about yourself. I’ll do it too.

4. Take a nap.

Sometimes, all we truly need is a good nap. Granted, it’s not something we can simply do whenever we feel like it – but if you can, and if you need it, just take a half hour (or three hour, who’s counting?) nap. You deserve it.

5. Say ‘no’ more often.

Saying no to people is probably one of the best skills a person can learn, especially if you tend to be a people pleaser. I used to say yes to everyone because, well, saying no made me feel incredibly uncomfortable – what if people didn’t invite me next time? What if the classmate who’s not even my friend and just asked me for a favor hates me when I refuse?

Eventually, pleasing people started stressing me out so much that I just stopped saying yes to everything, and learned to put myself first. Telling my friends that I don’t feel like going out tomorrow is truly an act of self-love sometimes – and my friends not only understand, but will also expect me to do the same for them in the future. Granted, I still say yes to things I don’t feel like doing occasionally, but I’m much better at it now.

What are the free things you do to treat yourself? Let me know in the comment section down (yes, keep scrolling down!) below.

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