6 things I learned from reading Bridget Jones’ Diary

5th July 2019

At first glance, Bridget Jones isn’t someone I’d be friends with: she’s incredibly self-centered, is constantly whining about not having a boyfriend, and lets her mother control her fashion choices (something I haven’t done since I was three). However, there’s one thing that Bridget is: relatable. And when a relatable person learns relatable life lessons, […]

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5 ways to include books in your self-care routine

11th May 2019

The practice of self-care has become gradually more present in my daily life since I graduated from college. I remember feeling overwhelmed with insecurities and fears, and while I couldn’t control the future (something I still struggle with), I could find a way of making myself feel better. And that’s when self-care truly came into […]

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The most exciting books on my wishlist right now

5th May 2019

I might not know what the future holds, and that might scare me a little bit, but I know the books I want to read, and thinking about them makes me very happy. The list grows almost everyday, with new releases and old books I’d never heard of, and I thought I could share a […]

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