3 tips to balance productivity and self-care

16th September 2020

When it comes to self-care, I’m the first one to promote it, and also the first one to throw it out the window as soon as work-related stuff comes up. If there’s a busy week ahead, you know I won’t think twice before canceling the workout sessions, the reading hours and, well, anything that sounds […]

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5 ways to include books in your self-care routine

11th May 2019

The practice of self-care has become gradually more present in my daily life since I graduated from college. I remember feeling overwhelmed with insecurities and fears, and while I couldn’t control the future (something I still struggle with), I could find a way of making myself feel better. And that’s when self-care truly came into […]

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The case for being uncool

8th May 2019

I realized I wasn’t one of the cool ones in fifth grade. I was sitting on a bench with a friend, and this girl walked by. She had beautiful, silky hair, and was wearing the most incredible boots ever. They hit just below the knee, and they were pink, with golden tiaras all over them. […]

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