Rough day? Here are 5 easy ways to wind down and practice some self-care

To say the world is going through a lot right now would be an understatement. From pandemics to protests, there are a lot of things to be done in order to bring change, and while all of us have power and a voice that can help make that happen, taking some time to make sure we’re ok is an important part of the fight as well.

Whatever it is you’re doing right now – from helping the sick to being worried about your loved ones, from being on the front line of your local protest to learning, donating and sharing on social media -, at the end of the day, make sure you check in with yourself and give your body and mind what they need. These are my five tips to wind down after a particularly rough day.


It’s hard to look away from the constantly updated news when there’s so much going on, but try to disconnect for at least a few hours whenever you can. For me, that means turning off my devices before going to bed or while watching a show. Don’t feel guilty for shutting down from the outside world for a few hours – we all need to rest in order to give our very best the next day.


Long gone are the days when I used to think crying meant I’d reached a low point. Crying can be incredibly therapeutic, and whenever I feel the tears are coming, I just let them run their course. We all need to weep sometimes, and you’ll probably feel better after you do.

Call your mom.

Or your grandma, or your best friend. Call whoever comes to mind when you think of home, and allow yourself to feel comforted by just talking to them. We all need someone to vent to once in a while, so don’t feel guilty for needing your support system when things get difficult.

Lie down, put your headphones on, close your eyes and listen to your favorite song.

This is my favorite way to listen to music I love, because I’m 100% focused on the song: I’m not looking at anything and my body is rested, as if I were meditating. Allow the familiarity of your favorite song to comfort you, and listen on repeat for as long as you need.

Go to sleep early.

I know it’s tempting to keep scrolling on your phone until your eyes shut at 3 am, but going to sleep a little earlier will make you feel a lot better the next day. My number one tip to help you fall sleep? Turn off all screens and pick up a book – if you’re not enjoying your current read, even better, as it will probably make you fall asleep even faster.


Finally, there are a million things to share in light of recent events in the US, but here’s a tiny list of lists:

  • Two helpful lists of anti-racism resources (Abbi Jacobson’s and The Attic’s).
  • A list of POC-owned bookstores in the US to support now and in the future.
  • Another list of places and organizations you can donate to.

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