The new book you should read, according to your favorite pair of boots

I know I could just give you a list of all the amazing new book releases of the season, but would that be any fun? Instead, I picked six must-read books and paired them with gorgeous and incredibly expensive but definitely worth your savings boots, in case you need help picking the one (and that can either be the book or the pair of boots, depending on your priorities in life).

I apologize in advance for the lack of flat boots in this post. I tried to create some variety, but at the end of the day, this is about the boots (and books!) featured on my own wishlists, which will probably inspire you to spend some money as well. Off we go!

If you’re into: post-apocalyptic, but also dinosaur themed stretch boots

The boots: this beautiful navy printed pair of mid-calf stretch boots from Neous were created in collaboration with graphic artist Timba Smiths. The print features dinosaurs, spaceships and fighting robots, so you can’t really tell what’s going on, aside from the somewhat chaotic combination of past and present. Printed boots are surprisingly versatile, and coult be worn with an easy combo of white t-shirt and jeans.

The book: I was really excited when I saw this book for the first time because I thought it was going to be about traditional witches, but nah – it’s actually about how intolerance, the patriarchy, and misoginy conquered not only politics, but also the american culture. It’s a weird chaotic combination of its own.

If you’re into: spaceship witch boots

The boots:  I knew I had to feature these boots before I found them a book, because honestly, just look at them. They’re witchy, pointy, with a crazy heel AND a weird mirror ball. It’s a full meal kinda boot. They’re also what every self actualized sorceress should be wearing, in my honest opinion.

The book: Besides the not so subtle color combination, Ninth House is one of the most hyped launches of the season, so it had to be featured. It’s about a young woman who, after surviving a multiple homicide, goes to Yale to monitor the activities of the school’s secret societies. The main character should definitely wear these boots along with her… secret society robes.

If you’re into: 60’s fairy boots

The boots: Give me a beautiful color and a kitten heel and I’ll be happy. This pair from By Far is nothing short of pure perfection, and probably one of the most comfortable choices in this post. I love the 60’s feel, the futuristic shine, and how feminine they are.

The books: A gorgeous cover to match gorgeous boots, The Grace Year is a sci-fi dystopia about a group of girls who are led to believe that they had the power to seduce grown men and enfuriate women with envy. When they are banished for their 16th year, to release their magic into the wild and return home “purified” and ready for marriage, things start happening. This sounds amazing.

If you’re into: cowboy meets powerhouse meets NY sidewalk boots

The boots: This is the kind of boot that the women who cross the street running, with their lattes and phonecals and cries for a “taxi!”, wear. The color is classic, but not predictable, they’re not overly sexy, and the heel is curved – an unexpected twist that might tell the world they have taste, but stay office-appropriate (they do have a company to run, after all).

The book: Also for the women who have companies and lives to run: Fair Play, by Eve Rodsky – a book about finally finding a balance, when it comes to splitting tasks with your significant other (and especially men, who usually don’t do something unless you ask them to – another chore in and of itself).

If you’re into: lost in the woods listening to a walkman boots

The boots: They look comfy, they look cool, and they would definitely be my choice of footwear if the apocalypse was to fall upon us. They still have a small heel, but these are the boots for those Ramona Flowers girls who are effortlessly cool and show no feelings or fear.

The book: After losing her family, her home and her face in a fire, Ava Lee goes back to high school and tries to be “normal” again. But standing out is now inevitable, and it’s only when she makes new friends that she realizes she doesn’t have to face her nightmares alone. I can already see her wearing these boots. Read more about the book here.

If you’re into: sunny Hollywood Boulevard knee-high boots

The boots: I mean, really. I get happy just by looking at these beautiful knee-high boots from Paris Texas. The crocodile texture, the sunny yellow, and the fact that I can almost see them on the feet of a long-legged celebrity walking on Hollywood Boulevard convinced me that this was the perfect book-boot combo.

The book: When eighteen-year-old Tate meets Sam, they fall in love hard and fast. But they have their secrets – Sam suspects his grandfather is dying, and Tate is the hidden daughter of one of the biggest film stars in the world. But soon after, Tate’s story is exposed to the press, which means she was betrayed by the one person she thought she could trust. They meet one decade later, and she’ll have to decide if it’s time to forgive him. You can read more about the book here.

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